Vintage Guitar Endorsers!

Happy New Year!

We are thrilled to announce that Liz is now equipped with a Vintage V400 MP guitar and that we’re proper chuffed to endorse Vintage guitars.  I’ve been gigging mine for nearly two years now and it has been rocked hard and I can’t wait for me and Liz to get our duelling Vintage on this year :)

Here’s our wee page on the JHS website:

Updates soon with new music and tinkerings…

All the best,

Andy x

Harrogate, Lincoln & Beyond!

Well!  Had great fun supporting Midge Ure again the last two nights!  Excellent crowds at both Harrogate and Lincoln.  Because this is the internet, here are some pictures we took when we remembered to:

Dressing room feat. radiator


Harrogate Theatre

Harrogate Theatre

Lincoln Drill Hall

Lincoln Drill Hall Set Up

So yeah, we’ve a few things to announce over the summer – we hope you will sufficiently brace yourself for these updates when they happen!

’til next time :)

Andy & Liz xx

Just By Chance: A Recent History…

Not long now ’til we’re off on the road to support Midge Ure again!  People of Harrogate can get their tickets here and folks over in Lincoln should head here.  Lovely!

We’ve raved and exclaimed about it all but I’ve uploaded to Soundcloud the BBC Radio 2 Steve Wright mention along with the start of Joan Armatrading’s Local Talent Part 2 (featuring us! Ohmyyes!).


Original Clip:

That Philharmonic video with all that silly interview nonsense either side (we were finding everything remarkably funny!):

Studio / Midge Ure / BBC Radio 2

Last week we popped into Southbank Studios, Southport to play around with mics and preamps and so forth all set for getting some guitars down for our new songs.  We’re quite a way off finishing but it’s good to be back and we can’t wait to share the new stuff.

Saturday night was great fun at the New Brighton Floral Pavilion!  Midge Ure was awesome – cracking voice, nifty guitar work and a lovely team working with him.  Massive thanks to them for having us support :)

We were mentioned by Joan Armatrading on Steve Wright in the Afternoon on BBC Radio 2 this afternoon:  – Cheers Joan!

She was on there promoting Part Two of Joan Armatrading’s Singer Songwriters show which is on tonight at 10pm on BBC Radio 2.  Here’s a link:

Listen in, it’ll be available on iPlayer for the rest of the week too if you miss it :)

Introducing with Tom Robinson: BBC 6 Music

To listen to Lavender Infection on Tom Robinson’s show, head here:

It should be on listen again for about a week and it’s around 1hour 30 minutes in, though there are some good tunes on there from various other folk if you have a spare couple o’ hours :)

Just got back from Wales, had a great time playing at Heights Hotel in Llanberis, met some awesomely lovely splendid people too!

Next stop, The Zanzibar in Liverpool on Thursday supporting Denis Jones xx

BBC Introducing with Tom Robinson on 6 music